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a home that

brings hope to

lonely child


Archangel Children’s Home is a charity organization for orphaned children, located in the Rwenzori  region in Western Uganda, near the Rwenzori Mountain.  It provides basic needs, offer basic education and builds vocational skills for orphaned children, with the aim of reliving their physical suffering and psychological stress, uplift their livelihood and also impart social skills that they can use to earn a living and live independently in the future.


Our Home

Archangel Children’s Home is a link to homes, education and vocational training institutions for orphaned children. It was founded by Tugume Brian, who himself became an orphan at a young age and had to fend for his last two siblings as well as support himself through school. The difficulties he experienced as an orphan drove his desire and resolve to make a difference in the lives of those that lead the same life as he did during his childhood.

Our Family

Archangel Children’s Home works through partnerships with extended family structure, community, education and vocational training  in rendering support to the orphaned children. Archangels enters into partnerships with the above entities to share the responsibility and the inherent cost of taking care of the orphaned children.

Community work

Periodically with the support of the local leadership and the police we pitch camp at public locations with  street children to vet and register orphaned children. All the children at these locations are interviewed by the social workers to establish there are orphan status. Attempts are made to contact possible family links by telephone calls and visitations to the local authorities of where the child comes from. 


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