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Archangel Children’s Home is a link to homes, education and training institutions for orphaned children, located in the Rwenzori region in the Western region of Uganda, near the Rwenzori mountain. It was founded by Tugume Brian, who himself became an orphan at a young age and had to fend for his last two siblings as well as support himself through school. The difficulties he experienced as an orphan drove his desire and resolve to make a difference in the lives of those that lead the same life as he did during his childhood. He worked hand in hand with Ismail Ssebwami in putting together all the processes of realizing his dream

Archangel Children’s Home operates on a de-institutionalization model which makes it unique and different from the traditional orphanages. In this model, the orphaned children with an existing social structure are supported to lead a normal life within the existing social set-up, while those without any social support are nurtured in the homes away from home at identified homes within the community. With this set-up, the orphaned child is able to lead a life similar to that of other children in the community. The children can also attend normal school through the Archangel Education Partnerships with private or public schools or gain skills from Vocational Apprenticeships that will give them an independent future.

Archangel Children’s Home is run on a robust administrative and financial structure with clear institutional pillars and core values that are strictly adhered too so as to realize its vision of restoring hope and ensuring a meaningful independent future for orphaned children in Uganda. The vision is realized through a clear mission of providing basic needs, offering basic education and building vocational skills for an independent future.

The Home operates on a clear admission policy that ensures that the care reaches those that really need and deserve it. This is done through ensuring that all referrals to the Home are done through the local authorities and each child is accompanied with the necessary documentation. All efforts are made to verify and authenticate the orphan status and the social support structure for all children picked from the streets with the help of the local authorities where the child claims to come from. This in a ways also serves to re-unit the children with their extended families and be supported in a non-institutional setting.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • To equip the orphaned children with education and vocational skills for an independent future.
  • To mitigate the physical and psychological suffering born by orphaned children.
  • To be the voice of the voiceless orphaned children.
  • To use efficiently, the scarce resources for the betterment of the livelihoods of orphaned children.
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